aesthete. (adj.) someone with deep sensitivity to the beauty of art or nature.

It's who I am and what I do. Click the video below, read a bit about me, then peek at the portfolio for my work! 




It is my intent to capture the uniqueness of you as a couple, your personalities and your love with every wedding. I thrive on custom design and selecting special components to highlight you! I believe that each arrangement, bouquet and floral component creates an experience, an ambience, and is uniquely yours.

The intricate detail of each tumbleweed, the way a simple seed grows into a blossoming flower, the majesty of the towering cliffs, and the soft serenity of the desert. They each have a way to move our souls and change our lives. The simple flowers that grow in each of these places has thrived to survive. It has pushed through what may be the impossible to give us that stunning bloom! And by utilizing these blooms in their natural form; by creating a balance of texture and color, bringing nature back into the picture, and being bold enough to let nature shine, we create an environment where you and your guests are drawn into the flowers. Never again will a guest be bored at a table, for they will discover new and exciting elements throughout the evening in each piece they admire.


What I Do

It is my passion to feel the joy of this magical day right along with you and to bring your dreams to life. I pour my soul into finding the perfect blooms, whether that is in a local grower’s farm, sourcing from afar, or gathering in the nature of our beautiful earth to create custom event floristry for unforgettable ambience and experiences. 

My background in both interior and floral design brings a creative balance of texture, color, and style. I pour my soul into each project, designing pieces to touch hearts and move souls. It's what my clients say, that really rings true! 


Mandy Ogaz
Owner and Designer

Get to Know Me

My world belongs to my wonderful hubby, two itty bittys and the world of nature encompassed in flowers. Together we love to laugh, play outdoors, enjoy the beauties of the world, and read lots of books! Winters at our home are filled with warm fires, popcorn, hot chocolate and books with the occasional venture out to see the delicate snowflakes. Summers are spent outdoors digging in dirt and trimming growing things, lounging with friends under the glow of canopy lights, and always going on adventures in the nearby mountains. Fall is my favorite time of year and I bask in the golden light, rust colored leaves and brisk breeze! During every time of year though, nature and the outdoors fill my soul while flowers bring me to life!


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