Salt Lake Utah Florist | Leftover Bouquet

Florists have a dilemma. Maybe you’ve experienced it before. I call it chips and salsa. You know the drill; you sit down to eat chips and salsa. It's delicious. So you keep eating, until you suddenly run out of one or the other. You either have chips or salsa left, but not both. So what do you do? You get more of what you don't have. You continue eating the delicious combination. Then you run out of the other ingredient. And you have to get more. It's a never-ending cycle.

And so it is with flowers. With so many shoots, weddings and creative projects happening, you have all sorts of fun flowers and greenery. You work on the projects and seem to accumulate just a stem or two here and a stem or two there of leftover flowers. And you can't let them go to waste or heaven forbid, throw them out. So you buy some greenery to go with it. You create something beautiful. Then you're out of flowers, but then you still have some greenery left. Well, you get the idea.

And that's when "leftover" bouquets are born! Yep, they're leftovers from multiple shoots or other projects. And they come together in a magical way to create something unlike any other. It's an artist's dream to create beauty for the simple satisfaction of creating. And it's a creative challenge to use products that you didn't purchase to be used together!

For this shoot I collaborated with Calea Gunther Photography, who did more than I could have ever imagined with these "leftovers". It takes my breath away when a photographer takes my bouquet born directly from creativity to a completely new level, and creates something even more magical.

I love when couples want something uniquely them and have an unconventional vision for their wedding. I'm a firm believer that love comes in all forms. It doesn't have to be traditional or fit a mold. It can be different and fun and exciting. Make your love uniquely you!

And can we talk about this location?! It was absolutely divine and beyond anything I could have imagined!!! This shoot embodies everything I believe about art: Think out of the box. Be you. Create your style. Live life. Love it.

Photographer: Calea Gunther Photo: