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a passion for floral design

About The Potted Pansy

Uploaded by The Potted Pansy Mandy Ogaz on 2019-05-08.
"And today we start a new chapter of this journey. My love for the desert tones, the beauty in the ordinary weeds, texture and the juxtaposition of the weathered, industrial, rich and wild combine. The joy of my heart is here. Today I feel truly me and can’t wait to  take you along on the next part of this journey!” - Mandy



Meet the Team



I'm Mandy, and I'm also the person who is going to be just as excited about your wedding as you are! 

I'm a desert-loving, tumbleweed searching, interior and floral design combo who thrives on a creative balance of texture, color, and style. I’m slightly obsessed with the raw wild of nature and I think it shows!

I’m caramel hands down, not chocolate. Red dirt and heat over delicate snowflakes and freezing cold.

You’ll find me digging in the dirt, running to the mountains, and searching for a water spot in the summer. Then curled up near the fire with a blanket and good book, enjoying winter from the indoors looking out.

My secret desire is to have a huge weaving loom and grow old making textiles!

Fall is my favorite time of year and I bask in the golden light, rust colored leaves, brisk breeze, and all the dying weeds! Yes, all the weeds!!!



You probably haven't done this before, and even your mom feels like it's been a century since her last was married. So there are some unknowns and uncharted territory. We get it. It's normal. Don't worry.

Then there's that, 'You don't really know flowers' bit that makes you a nervous this will all be a wreck. But that's why we're here! We DO know flowers and we'll help you through the entire planning and design process. 

Our background in both interior and floral design enables us to use expertise from both fields to serve and define your unique style to create not only a floral experience, but the day you've dreamed of!

So come, chat with us. Let us take the nerves away, be the experts, and serve you better than you thought you needed! Tell us all of your dreams, your wishes, how amazing he is, and how you cannot wait to make this day completely yours. We’ll listen, then make the magic. We’re already excited and we haven’t even met yet!

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Hi! I’m Meagan! And I’m really excited about being a part of your big day! It’s going to be amazing!

Since we’ll be seeing each other soon, you might as well know a bit about me! I enjoy creating and being outdoors, enjoying all that nature has to offer. My family and I travel to explore all of the national parks frequently and love a good hike!

I’d eat xxx any day and will never turn down xxx. I love strong flavors. And pizza. And movies. And having fun!

You’ll find me in hiking sandals most days, running after littles all year, and diving into flowers when I need a break from their craziness!

I’m a huge fan of mustard yellow, rust and pops of lime green and just painted our front door that color! I’ll have to show you a picture. I kind of love it.

I can’t wait to hear what you enjoy, how you’ll weave it into your day, and how we can be a part of it all!


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