Creative Headpiece Florist | Utah Creative Florist

Sometimes in the wedding profession we get a little "stuck". Not that all weddings are the same, but I'm sure you've felt that there might be a bit of a wedding "box". You know what I mean? Doing the same things, with the same colors over and over again. Well as creatives, we need to break out of that box and do something different. Sometimes we need to do a shoot just for the sake of art and the sake of creating. And even just for fun! This was that moment. It was a moment to create just because. And I'm pretty happy with the results! Acacia. This whole shoot was all based on acacia. When it blooms it's gorgeous and I simply can't get enough of it. So why not build an entire headpiece out of it?! All of those fuzzy little yellow balls and their dancing playfulness was just what my creative heart needed. Making it big and bold and not caring about what anyone thought. That was what my creative mind needed. And then seeing the way that Eden Strader used the prism to bring out a range of color. Well that was just brilliance. I remember sending Eden a snapshot of myself in the mirror, with the headpiece on. It's was one of a my pajamas, no makeup on, and this fantastic headpiece on my head. We both laughed, knowing that all too often, this is reality. Knowing that the piece was going to look so amazing on Alexis, and so out of place on me! It was a moment to remember. And that's what happened. It looked INCREDIBLE on Alexis! She looks incredible all of the time, but I prefer her with little yellow fuzzy balls on her head! This shoot was not FOR anyone but ourselves, the creatives. The creators.

Photography: @edenstrader, Model: @alexakait, Venue: @thecharcoalloft, Florals: @thepottedpansy,