Spring Florals | Utah Wedding Florist

May. It gets a little crazy sometimes. It's peak wedding season in Utah, prime time for spring blooms, and the weather is well, unpredictable. In the floral world, it might as well be the necessary ingredients for the perfect storm! May has lovingly become known as Mayhem. Obviously that is said in the fondest of ways!!! But behind the scenes and the bit of crazy, there is magic. All of those amazing spring blooms start to collect - a bloom from a bridal bouquet, greens from a wedding, peonies from the yard, another bouquet who's size just couldn't take more flowers, and on it goes. The collection that happens is one that can never really be duplicated and the variety is out of this world! So in the middle of the night, one night, I couldn't resist. I decided to make Mayhem into Maylicious. The colors were beyond description and as I worked, I felt the flowers were truly doing it all. They way they danced and moved and fit together. The way they spoke, telling me the who was supposed to be next and where she belonged. Deciding what creation THEY wanted to make. The result is a creation of flowers BY flowers. So I'll let the flowers tell their story. I'll let them do the rest of the talking. Enjoy this shoot inspired by May. 

Photography: Loblee Photography @lobleephotography, www.loblee.com Model: @keonilanei Florals: The Potted Pansy @thepottedpansy, www.thepottedpansy.com Venue: Loblee Studio @lobleestudio