Why You Should Have an Outdoor Wedding

I love love love everything about outdoor weddings! While indoor weddings can often be just as beautiful, I am passionate about the natural world and I believe it simply is the perfect setting for people to commit themselves to the one they love.

If you are undecided about what kind of setting to host your wedding ceremony and reception in, then consider the following reasons why you might want to consider the outdoors!

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Natural Light is Beautiful for Photographs

Many types of lighting indoors can make skin tones and fabric colors look strange in photographs. For a more natural and clean look to your wedding photographs, an outdoor setting is the perfect solution! Natural light is also absolutely beautiful around sunset for portraits with your spouse-to-be -- you won’t regret it!

Lots of Open Space

One of the greatest benefits of hosting a wedding outside is that you have loads of open space around you. This keeps your guests from feeling crowded in a tight space and allows them to move around freely. You might even consider adding a few fun activities outside, where your guests can play cornhole or walk up to a cocktail bar on wheels!

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More Venue and Date Options

If you are interested in an outdoor wedding, then you’ll be happy to hear you’ll have more flexibility when it comes to venues and date options! Especially in a state like Utah, where there are dozens of national, state and local parks open to the public, you have a wide variety of options to choose from that don’t have as many date limitations as traditional venues. This means you can more easily set a date in the busy seasons or a date that is meaningful to you!

Perfect for a Variety of Styles and Themes

Want the option for more customization and personality in your wedding? Outdoor weddings are for you! Most settings outside are like blank canvases for events: you can decorate however you see fit to bring a certain style or theme to life.

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And last (but definitely not least) is the mood and overall ambiance an outdoor wedding offers. It’s simply second-to-none! There’s something welcoming, fun and intimate about an outdoor ceremony and reception that you just can’t beat!

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