5 Stunning Floral Installation Ideas for Your Wedding

Aside from bouquets and centerpieces, florals play a major role in the overall aesthetic of a wedding. No matter if it’s an indoor wedding or outdoor wedding, rustic or elegant, floral installations and greenery are an easy way to elevate your wedding ceremony or reception.

If you’re a bride that wants to make a statement at your wedding, a floral installation is the perfect way to do so. Whether it’s a wall with blossoming flowers or a table covered of greenery, here are five stunning floral installations ideas for your wedding day.

The Potted Pansy + Ponderosa and Thyme Installation

Wall of Flowers

Is there anything more photo-worthy than a backdrop of nothing but flowers? Draw all eyes towards you and your partner with a wall installation full of flowers or greenery as the background during your ceremony.

Whether you go with natural, viney greenery or choose white roses for an elegant touch, a floral wall is sure to make a memorable statement.

Table Runner

There’s no better place for a long, beautiful piece of garland than down the table as a runner. If you’ll be having long tables at your reception, consider adding greenery to the center as a table runner. They’re a simple way to make the table decor feel effortless and still leave plenty of space for the place settings, food and drinks.

Floral Chandelier

Make florals front and center by incorporating them into the biggest statement piece in the room -- the chandelier. Imagine dancing beneath a cascading arrangement of flowers and greens floating above the dance floor. Dreamy, right?! 

Consider working with your florist to create a floral centerpiece, like a chandelier, that can hang in the middle of the room and create a stunning focal point.

Garland Drapery

Another way to incorporate greenery? By draping garlands throughout the space. Whether your venue is an outdoor tent and the garland is draped from the ceiling, or if it’s hanging against the wall in a modern indoor venue, you can’t go wrong with fresh, decorative garlands.

Hanging Decor

Floating flowers create a romantic setting and are always a hit! If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you can hang floral arrangements or cascading vines from the trees, or if you’re indoors consider hanging something modern like glass globes or geometric structures with flowers woven in. The sky’s the limit!

Close up Installation The Potted Pansy

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Floral The Potted Pansy with Ponderosa and Thyme at a 1:1 #ponderosaandthymeworkshop
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