Which Bridal Bouquet Size is Right for Me?

There are several key factors involved when planning your wedding florals, including colors, style, types of flowers/greenery and more. 

And when it comes to your bridal bouquet, you'll want something that has the perfect balance of being eye-catching while still fitting in with the rest of your wedding day aesthetic. 

If you're trying to figure out which size is best for your wedding bouquet, here are some questions to consider: 

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1. What size bridal bouquets are there?

First things first: know your bouquet sizes. Wedding bouquets can range from a smaller size of 6"-7" up to 11"-12" wide, as well as a length up to 18"-20"! 

It's also important to remember that (on average) your wedding bouquet should be larger than those of your bridal party. After all, this is your day! You should be the center of attention in every way. 

2. What styles am I most drawn to at heart? 

Among all the images you've sorted through on Pinterest of bridal bouquets, which ones give you the butterflies? Chances are, your gut is leaning more towards one way or another. 

3. Which flowers or colors are we using in the other floral decor? 

Sometimes, having bouquet flowers that match the rest of your wedding day's design can really bring the whole look together in a beautiful and cohesive way! Additionally, the types of flowers and color options may naturally make a bouquet appear larger or smaller.

And even if you want flowers that are different from the centerpieces, backdrops, and other floral installations, talk with your wedding florist about which ones may have a similar appearance or match the overall look you want to go for so that they don't appear too far off course.  

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4. What is my wedding dress like? 

 According to The Knot, an "easy rule of thumb is the bigger the dress, the bigger the bouquet." Why? Because if you're wearing a large ball gown dress, but ordered a very small bouquet, the flowers can "get lost" among all the fabric. 

The style of your dress should also be considered. If you have a more patterned, lace, or decorative gown, you may want to opt for a bouquet that is simpler than one that is "busy" or oversized. 

When in Doubt: Talk with Your Wedding Florist

If you're unsure about which size is best for your big day, ask a professional! 

The Potted Pansy is Utah’s premier floral designer, owned and operated by Mandy Ogaz. Every arrangement, bouquet and centerpiece is custom designed to reflect your personality and love for one another. If you’re looking for a floral designer who cares about all the intricate details and is passionate about texture, color, and style, talk to Mandy about your wedding today!

As Ever Photography + The Potted Pansy

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