How to Define and Refine Your Floral Style

Every creative professional out there should work on finding their own unique style and approach -- and florists are no exception. 

Having a floral style allows you to better attract ideal clients looking for a particular look and feel when it comes to their bouquets, flower arrangements and other requests. It also can help you feel more confident in the work you do, especially if you find a style you love to work with!

But finding your individual floral style may seem like a challenge when you first start your floral business. 

Whether you are just beginning to learn the ins and outs of floral design, or you are working on refining your floral style over time, here are a few tips to help you in the process. 

Play with New Ideas

The Potted Pansy and Blake Hogge

Don't be afraid to try new things, even if you've already established a way of designing your arrangements!

You never really know what you like until you've tried it. And should you ever feel like you're losing your motivation, trying new ideas can replenish your creative side and rejuvenate your business!

Learn from Others

Schedule a mentorship session with another florist nearby or sign up for a floral design workshop!

One of the best things you can do for your business is learning from others and being open to constructive criticism. Once you understand how other professionals in the industry create their work, you can adapt it to suit your own needs and ideas. 

Then you'll be able to find your own method of doing things and be drawn to pull in certain components from your lessons that you love along the way. 

Ask Yourself: What Are You Most Drawn to? 

The Potted Pansy and Blake Hogge

As you begin to grow and practice designing florals and greenery, pay attention. 

Which are the flowers you always tend to order more of? Which pictures are you always saving to your boards on Pinterest? What do they all have in common? 

Look for the similarities and repetitions in your work. This is the base of your style! 


Try digging into your past for inspiration and ideas!

Your background, hometown, and childhood all may hold unique qualities that can help you define and refine your floral style.

What are the experiences, places, smells or activities that have influenced your life? See if there's a way to incorporate them into your design style. 


The Potted Pansy and Blake Hogge

This may seem like a really formal term or way to go about it, but analyzing and evaluating all of these factors above can be the difference between floundering and flourishing. 

Look back on your style over time and notice the signature moments and characteristics your floral designs have. Then write it out and define it! 

Once you know your style, see where it takes you. You might be surprised to learn more about yourself along the way. 

Contact a Premier Floral Mentor

The Potted Pansy is Utah’s premier floral designer, owned and operated by Mandy Ogaz. Each mentoring session is designed to cater to the needs of each attendee. If you’re looking for a mentor who cares about all the intricate details and is passionate about texture, color, and style, talk to Mandy about mentoring today!

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