Upcoming Wedding Trends: Are They Right for You?

While traditional weddings may never go away, fresh wedding ideas pop up every year. They are a new twist on classic traditions and allow couples to create a unique celebration that’s personalized to their style.

But just like all trends, whether it’s the latest beauty product or clothing style, trendy wedding options may not be for you. Here are some of the latest trends to hit the wedding scene -- are they right for you?

Going Green

The Potted Pansy Morgan Laycock Wedding

Within the last year, there's been a rise in the "all greenery" trend. Instead of using blooms and colorful flowers, some couples are starting to integrate only greenery into their wedding design. 

When done right, the look can be simple, yet elegant! However, this isn't for everyone. Before deciding if this is a good style choice for your wedding, consider the location, setting and overall theme you're hoping to achieve.

If it is an idea you're in love with, talk with your wedding florist to find the right type of greenery that will match your wedding design's aesthetic!

Unexpected florals

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Florals have grown from solely being displayed in bouquets and centerpieces to making their way into every aspect of a wedding. Whether it’s through living botanical bars, a wall installation full of greenery, or big potted plants placed on the aisle, florals are being used in unexpected ways.

If you want to use florals to make a statement at your ceremony or reception, this trend is perfect for you. Freshen up a space by creating a floral display to act as a focal point. But maybe an emphasis on florals isn’t your style, and if that’s the case then stick to florals in a traditional sense by going with a blooming bouquet or elegant centerpiece.

Experience over materials

The Potted Pansy Lake Powell

It’s all about the experience. From alternate forms of entertainment, a destination location for an intimate wedding, or unconventional food options, couples are seeking to create an experience that their family and friends will get a kick out of. Couples choosing this route over "materials" want their guests to have a unique experience and leave with memories rather than party favors.

This trend can be incorporated in a range of ways, for both modern and traditional weddings. You can either choose an unexpected space, mix up the ceremony structure, or even add a food truck to your cocktail hour. With this trend, the sky’s the limit and you can personalize your wedding with as many experience elements as you’d like, big or small.

Colorful florals

The Potted Pansy Morgan Laycock Wedding

While florals always tend to add a pop of color to a ceremony or reception, weddings are seeing florals going from light pastels to deeper hues.

If you’re hesitant about color but curious to try this trend, add pops of color in small doses by mixing in dark-hued flowers within a lighter bunch. The dramatic colors combined with classic shades will make for a subtle statement if you don’t want to lean full-on into color.

A modern touch

The Potted Pansy Modern Touch

With a focus on design, weddings are seeing a transition from traditional setups to more modern, architectural spaces. While the rustic farm style had its time to shine, it’s time for museums, lofts, and rooftops to have their moment.

Couples are finding themselves planning weddings at contemporary venues to mix it up and create a memorable experience for guests. If you lean more towards the traditional style with classic elements, then the modern and architectural trend may not be right for you.

But if modern describes your design style then consider incorporating sleek elements into your nuptials. Lucite chairs, transparent table accessories -- mid-century modern is making its way back into the wedding scene.

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