Spring Bouquet | Spring Wedding Florist

I just have to start out by saying that I love this bouquet. The soft colors, and angular shape encompasses spring in all of it's bright, light form and honestly just makes me smile! Spring is such a fun time for a wedding, especially in Utah. It seems that we've been in hibernation for the winter and just as the cold is almost unbearable, glimpses of the sun come out. Then the snow turns to rain, and the little plants push their way out of the ground. It's a rejuvenation of the Earth, when it comes back to life.

I've always felt that it's a time of rejuvenation and life for our souls as well. When spring weddings happen, it's almost as if the earth is taking life to a whole new level. It symbolizes new life together and the beginning of something beautiful. The start of a journey that will undergo winters and springs, summers and fall. And grow stronger with each passing year.

The flowers used in this bouquet are tied to spring and many of them only bloom during this season! Each relationship endures different season, just like the year endures different forces of nature. As a florist, I get so excited when I start to see these spring blooms around and know I only have a short window in which to use them. Most of them are delicate and fade so quickly, just as spring weather! Using them is a delight. My very favorite in this bouquet is the blooming acacia. It's the little yellow furry balls that bring the pop to the bouquet! Acacia doesn't grow here locally, so when I see it and all of it's bright blooms, I jump for joy!!! I think it was the perfect compliment to this textural spring bouquet and pulls bright into this gorgeous backdrop! 

Photography: As Ever Photography, @as_ever_photography, http://www.aseverphotography.com/ HMUA: Katie Livingston, @katielivingston, https://www.klartistry.com/ Hairpiece: Danani Handmade, @dananihandmade, https://dananionline.com/ Gown: Ivy and Aster, @ivyandaster, http://ivyandaster.com/shop-2/ from shop Harlow Brides, @harlowbrides, http://harlowbrides.com/ Model: @ashleyndana Florals: The Potted Pansy, @thepottedpansy, www.thepottedpansy.com Silk Ribbon: Honey Silks Co, @honeysilksco, https://honeysilks-co.myshopify.com/