Alexis Shelton + Coleman Meier Shoot | Utah Best Florist

These two are in the top ranks for the most fun couple. Ever. I've watched them through social media since we met and am always amazed at how much they laugh, play and simply enjoy. And they're not afraid to show it!!! Maybe that's the most incredible part! In a world where appearance seems to mean so much, they simply do not care. Alexis was the lucky winner of our instagram giveaway with Anchored Image Photography. And I was sooo happy that she won! Her happy nature was contagious and her excitement for winning made this giveaway one of the best! *The large amounts of texture in her green, white, and blue bridal bouquet stand out so perfectly against the soft texture of the blowing sand at Little Sahara Sand Dunes. Speaking of the sand dunes and blowing sand, it's a good thing these two have such easy-going temperments, because that sand was actually pelting them! Oh how it made for some gorgeous images and video though!!! I can't not mention that gown either. OMG. Do you see the way all of those dense layers were billowing in the wind? That was a dream. A real life dream. Recently someone mentioned that they thought all of my beautiful bouquets and these gorgeous shots were only for stylized shoots! Oh not so!!! Every bride deserve a masterpiece as good, if not better, than any shoot pic! The photographer, bride, and groom took a wrong turn out to the sand dunes...and had to drive upwards of 120 mpg to get back in time!!!

Photography: Anchored Image Photography @anchoredimage Florals: The Potted Pansy @thepottedpansy Bride: Alexis Meier @alexismeier_ Groom: Coleman Meier @coleman_meier Gown: The Perfect Dress Bridal @theperfectdressbridal HMUA: Darling Darley @darling.darley Videographer: Darley Productions

See their amazing video here