The first time I ever played around with dead plants...well at least on purpose. Because I pull out plants and weeds and dead things in nature unconsciously all of the time. Maybe in part that is because Utah is the desert. Yes, plants grow here becuase we have irrigation systems and city water and sprinklers, but if water isn't be pumped to the plants during the hot summer months, Utah Valley can get pretty dry. And then there's the winter. We are covered in snow for multiple months out of the year. So my unintentional use of dry and dead plants seems only natural!

It wasn't until I saw these dry hydrangea that I thought about creating a bouquet with dry product ON PURPOSE. 

The results were better than I had expected. And the texture was SO good. So good that I often to back to these images for texture inspiration! And now, I continue to water my hydrangea all summer long for one purpose...to dry it!

As a last minute thought, I threw in a few hats before heading out to photograph. @gigipip has my favorite hats...and I'm so glad we used them! Can every bride just have a few hat images? Please?!

Texture and Hats by The Potted Pansy
Textural Bouquet The Potted Pansy dry hydrangea
The Potted Pansy bouquet + chair
“Well gash dang! Shout out to The Potted Pansy for the invitation to participate and the gorgeous flowers! Nothing like having people make you look and feel beautiful in the morning.”
— Kendra Mack