The History Behind Wedding Flowers

Are you planning your wedding and starting to think about your bouquet? Or are you simply curious about how the floral wedding traditions started? Learn about the history behind the wedding flower decorations, bouquets and more below!

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Why Does the Bride Carry a Bouquet?

Turns out, it hasn’t always been because it looks pretty. Oddly enough, brides began carrying bouquets to “mask” her scent. Back in the 15th century, showers and soaps weren’t as common as they are now -- which meant women often didn’t smell very clean or appealling. Additionally, traditional folklore suggested that flowers and other spices could warn off evil spirits with their strong scents.

It’s likely that this started to change during the Victorian age, when flowers were beginning to be used as a nice gesture to those we love. This was also the time period when the “meaning” of flowers (otherwise known as the language of flowers) was created.

Wedding Flower Traditions from Around the World

Flowers have almost always had a presence in a variety of ceremonial traditions, so it should be no surprise that nearly every culture involves flowers and greenery in their wedding celebrations! For instance, ancient Greek brides often carried ivy as a way to symbolize endless love for their soon-to-be spouse, and in Indian traditions, both the bride and groom wore floral headpieces during the ceremony.

If you’re interested in incorporating some of your own family history into your wedding day, take a look at this list of unique wedding flower traditions from a variety of cultures to inspire you!

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