The Potted Pansy's Favorite Greenery

One of the most popular trends for weddings over the last few years has been to use a lot more greenery -- or use nothing but greenery for wedding decor! 

While there are so many beautiful ones out there that offer fun and unique styles for couples to choose from, I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite greenery pieces to use in my floral designs: 



Acacia is a beautiful greenery to use, especially in centerpieces and bouquets for fall weddings. And although acacia has a few various types, I love all of them, especially feather acacia, knifeblade, and pearl


Olive stems can add such a romantic and organic vibe to any wedding ceremony or reception! These also have a few different uses, since they offer a simple yet elegant look alone but can also add extra texture to an otherwise typical looking bouquet!

Rainbow Eucalyptus 

By far one of the coolest trees out there is the rainbow eucalyptus! You may have heard of them before: they're the ones that have a very colorful trunk, since their bark changes color as it sheds. Although seeded eucalyptus has become extremely popular in the last few years for weddings, I personally love the shade of green and longer leaf shape of the rainbow eucalyptus tree. 


Looking for a more "smoky" or earthy look? Cotinus may just be what you're looking for, and it's one of my favorites! One side of the cotinus leaves are a darker, midnight purple color, while the other is a much lighter green -- making it such an out-of-the-box choice for wedding floral arrangements!

Fall Leaves

...of any and all kinds! As the seasons change and leaves that would normally be an average shade of green turn into a wide range of bold and fiery colors, they can make for a fantastic option to use for a wedding between September and November. 

Umbrella Fern 

On the more tropical style of greenery, the umbrella fern is one of my top choices. It has a wide spread (like an umbrella) but has a soft look that makes it a great addition to bouquets and centerpieces. 


Last but definitely not least is the kochia plant, also known as fireweed or burning bush. In autumn, this greenery turns a bright red color (hence the name!). It's often overlooked, but be used to make a really unique floral design -- especially for brides who want non-traditional!


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