The Potted Pansy's Favorite Textural Blooms

Every wedding bouquet and floral arrangement I make is tailored to each couple's vision, style and personality. Each floral design is custom, always having a unique combination of blooms, textures and colors. 

One of my favorite aspects of designing florals is adding textural blooms (which aren't really "blooms" at all) to give the piece more character and life. So today I wanted to highlight some of my favorite textural components to use, some of which I truly believe are often overlooked or underrated!

Valley of Fire Elopement

Desert Yearning 

Desert Yearning is plant that comes in a pale, creamy, off-white color. With long, white strands of small blooms, it has such a whimsical look that can make a bouquet or floral installation seem more "alive". 

Dry Components like hydrangea 

As beautiful as hydrangeas are when in bloom, they look just as romantic dried as they do fresh! Dried hydrangeas are full of a colored texture that can really take a bouquet to the next level with a bit of drama. 

Bunny Tail

This unique grass looks just how it sounds! Bunny tail grasses have little, furry "cotton tails" at the ends of their leaves. They are perfect for softening the look of a floral arrangement. 

Blooming Oregano 

Oregano isn't just for adding extra flavor to your food -- blooming oregano also makes for a lovely texture in a variety of floral decor and bouquets! The green color starts to turn pink and purple on the tips when flowering, giving it quite a unique look you don't find in most other plants. 

Pieris japonica 

Also known as Japanese pieris, this bloom features long, drooping clusters of small white flowers. If you're having a spring or summer garden wedding, these are definitely one to consider including in your floral designs!


Another favorite of mine is the spirea shrubs, which come in pink, white or red. Similar to the Pieris japonica and desert yearning, spirea blooms have a long, cascading look with small clusters of flowers all along the branch. 

Festival Bush 

These small red and pink textural blooms include a handful of tiny flowers grouped together. They work well being placed in between larger florals and for bouquets with a brighter color palette!

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