The Importance of Vendor Referrals and Teamwork in the Wedding Industry

While there are many industries out there in which you can succeed by working in silos, the wedding industry typically isn't one of them. 

Whether you're just starting out as a new vendor, or you've been around the block or two and have several clients in your portfolio already, it's important that you know just how important teamwork is to growing a successful wedding business. 

Nicoel Aston + The Potted Pansy team

Expanding Your Community

When you begin to work with others in the wedding industry on a regular basis, your connections will grow. But what does this ultimately mean for you? 

Every wedding or event can be seen as an opportunity -- a chance to grow your personal friendships, your professional connections, and (if done well) your local community. When that happens, you are more likely to be seen as a great team player and someone other vendors want to work with regularly. 

Vendor Referrals

As you begin to build strong relationships with others in the wedding industry, you may find that others will be more likely to refer work to you in the long-run. Some may even decide to spotlight your business on their blog or social media handles, or consider adding you to a preferred vendor list for their clients!

It's also important that you begin to "give" and not always expect to receive referrals. Some great examples could be: 

  • When you receive an inquiry that doesn't quite fit your ideal clientele, but may fit someone else's that you know in the area
  • You're already booked for a day, but you want to help the couple who inquired find another top vendor to work with
  • You have either relocated or receive an inquiry for an area you don't offer services for

In these instances, you may want to provide a handful of other vendors that the couple can reach out to. When you do that, the couples inquiring will most likely see you as a helpful resource and other vendors will be more likely to refer to you when they are in the same scenarios. 

Nicole Aston + The Potted Pansy team

The Wedding Day

Probably one of the best parts about becoming more familiar with others in the wedding industry is that the event itself will be more likely to happen smoothly. 

When multiple vendors know each other well and can work together in ways that streamline the wedding day and keep the couple from getting stressed, everyone wins! And the newlyweds may also spread the word about how great the entire team was, which can further help grow your business over time. 

Entering the Industry

For those of you just starting out, one of the best things you can do to grow your business quickly is to partner with others who share the same values and ideal clients. Even if you aren't entirely sure what your niche is, defining what styles of weddings you love working with can be key to gaining your first few clients simply by connecting with others who work in those arenas. 

Love high-end events with lots of details? Dreaming of clients who are laid back and are drawn to a more boho style? Seek out connections with other wedding vendors who typically work with these types of clients!

The Potted Pansy + Nicole Aston team

Delia + Dylan Wedding | La Caille Beauty

Delia & Dylan's Wedding

This wedding was so gorgeous that I struggle to even find words to describe it. First of all, Delia is the most stunning human being and the sweetest of souls. I was delighted to work with her and humbled by her kindness and thoughtfulness, with all those around her. The fact that she is an official Ford model helps a bit too! LOL.

These two lovebirds met while vacationing one year in Mexico. If I recall correctly, the one or the other was already dating someone, so the friendship remained as such until a few months later when, Delia reached out to Dylan asking a few questions and mentioning that she had recently been baptized into the LDS Church. Well Dylan was a member of the church too, so win to the start of their relationship. Over long distance and lots of time, traveling back and forth from Utah to Arizona to all over the world, these two dated and when the deal became official, Delia reached out to me.

In all reality, the wedding that we pulled off was not the wedding Delia had originally wanted. Her dream wedding was in a completely different color scheme and we planned out the wedding as such. It was beautiful. But I could tell there was something holding Delia back. Something just wasn't quite right. Then one day, she emailed me with an image from my instagram feed. This she said, was what she really wanted. This she said, was her. This she said, made her happy. The colors were bright and spring and fun. 

But that bouquet that she loved was a spring bouquet. With spring flowers. Which were not going to be available during her October wedding. So what do you do as a florist? You modify! This is what a florist does and this is the fun part!!! What flowers can we use that are available during this time of year in this color palette and overall feel? Well for this particular wedding, dahlias were the answer! And locally grown dahlias are the very best! A huge thanks and shout out to Poppin Blossoms Farm for the dahlias! 

Delia looked like a princess and I hope she felt like one too! The location she and Dylan selected was one of the most coveted spots in Utah. And you can see why! La Caille is absolutely gorgeous with the vineyards, the rockies in the background, and the stunning grounds that make you feel as if you were in Tuscany. 

Then her gown, that hair piece, her veil, her incredible hair, that flowing ribbon. I just can't get enough of it all and will always hold this one in my mind with so much love. I would be ungrateful if I didn't recognize that these sorts of things take a team to complete. And another huge thanks to my dear friend, Sarah, at Blushing Rose Floral, who pulled off that arch. Isn't it exquisite???

Here's to more spring bouquets in the fall and more fall bouquets in the spring. To really stretching our creativity to make the wedding the bride dreams of! And to brides who make it all worth it! Thank you, Delia! Love you!

Delia & Dylan's Wedding

Location, Location, Location for Mercedes and Hadley | Utah Wedding Florist

Utah Mountain Bridals

Sometimes it's simply about the beauty of nature in the location. Sometimes it's about enhancing that natural beauty with florals and simply beautiful humans. Sometimes it's about capturing the stillness of the moment. This was one of those times. If you're quiet enough, you can feel it.

Utah Mountain Bridal Bouquet
The Potted Pansy Mountain Bouquets
The Potted Pansy Utah Bridal Bouquets

Allie + Joe Moab Wedding

Moab Wedding The Potted Pansy

Just because you have a small wedding, doesn't mean you have to go small on a bouquet! Allie and I worked together, back and forth, this and that for quite some time before deciding that what she really wanted and couldn't live without was a stunner of a bouquet! So literally, that's the one item we made for her. This stunner bouquet!

And we didn't hold back either. We probably used every spring flower + all the little extras I could think of to make this bouquet! Our goal was to  fit a spring mold, let the bouquet make a statement against her gorgeous gown, have it stand out and yet coordinate with her Moab location, and obviously be unique and one-of-a-kind.

I'm so pleased with the results and I dare say she is too! Her reaction to seeing the bouquet was absolutely priceless and something I will never forget!

For those of you wondering, and because there are so many varieties in this bouquet, here is the grand list:

Nine Bark
Olive Branch
Garden Roses
Queen Anne's Lace
Coral Charm Peony

And ps....this is 4 days after we actually made the bouquet! Isn't the way they held up amazing??? And location. I can't get over the location.

Spring Moab Wedding Bouquet
Moab Spring Bouquet
Moab Wedding Bouquet

How to Select the Right Workshop for You

No matter your expertise, chances are there is a handful of useful workshops to help you grow your skills (and your business!). Especially for those in the wedding industry or in a creative role, attending a workshop related to your work can provide you with far more tools, education and advice than you may find elsewhere. 

But how do you know which ones are most suited for you? 

Below are some questions to ask yourself in order to find and choose the right workshop that will leave you feeling accomplished, motivated and inspired at the end of the experience!

The Potted Pansy Workshops

1. What is your skill level?

If you're just starting to get into a new business, career or industry, be sure to find a workshop that primarily focuses on assisting beginners. Not only will you feel more comfortable right from the start -- since everyone else attending are also beginners! -- but you'll likely get more insight on steps and tools of the trade you'll need to know as you're starting out.  

And for those who are experienced professionals with several years under their belt, you may find that a workshop tailored to very specific skills you have been wanting to learn for years is a better fit for you. 

The Potted Pansy workshop + As Ever Photography

2. What are you seeking in a workshop?

Are you needing help with fine-tuning your design style? Have you always wondered how other pros achieve a certain aesthetic in their work? Do you have a specific technique you know others use but you can't figure out how to do it on your own?

Whether you're looking for beginner information or you need education for seasoned creatives, there are workshops that can teach you what you need to know.

The Potted Pansy Workshops bouquets

3. Do the people hosting the workshop feel like YOUR people?

It may not seem very important up front, but attending a workshop with others you feel you could connect with is extremely beneficial in the long run -- especially for workshops lasting longer than a few hours! 

Learn about the speakers, the instructors and even see if you can learn about others attending. Finding your tribe will allow you to get the most out of it, both professionally and personally.

The Potted Pansy Workshop People

4. Do the locations, dates, and length make sense with your life and schedule?

If you have a family and can't imagine leaving them for too long, consider finding a workshop within your metro area or state that runs for an afternoon or a whole day. 

If you're up for an adventure and love the idea of getting out of town for a few days, try a weekend-long workshop in another region! 

Find a workshop that works best with your lifestyle and schedule, which will allow you to enjoy the event without feeling stressed or rushed. 


5. Gut feeling. Is this the workshop for you?

When all is said and done, you'll want to feel inspired and thankful you attended! 

If your gut is simply telling you it's not a good fit or something feels "off", find another workshop that makes you confident that you'll take something from the event. 

And remember, your gut is different from your fears. It's okay if a workshop doesn't align with your values or doesn't teach lessons you want to learn, but don't let your fear stop you from finding success and happiness outside of your comfort zone. 

The Potted Pansy Workshop bouquets

Florals The Potted Pansy, Blushing Rose Floral, Beehive Floral with The Potted Pansy at The Potted Pansy Workshop
Photography As Ever Photography
Gown Claire Pettibone
Model Sarah Asay and Jenevieve Hubbard
Ribbon Honey Silks Co
Styling Canvas Weddings and Events

Salt Flats, Smoke Bombs, Stunning Bridals | Utah Bridal Bouquet

Utah Salt Flats Bridal Session

When Kristine asks for a bouquet, you say yes. Every. Single. Time. 

1. Because she's the sweetest there is.
2. Because that means she's modeling and she's gorgeous. Just look at that hair!!!
3. Because Luke will be shooting, modeling, or behind the video. And he's the best at video.
4. Because Pippa. Keep looking to see who Pippa is.
5. Because I love them. All of them.

Utah Salt Flats Bridals
Salt Flats Smoke Bomb Photos
Salt Flats Smoke Bomb Bridals
Salt Flats Spring Bouquet
Salt Flats Bridal Session
The Salt Flats Bridals at Sunset

Florals The Potted Pansy
Photography Luke Porter Films
Model Kristine Porter
Gown Lulus
Smoke Bombs Enola Gaye
Ribbon Honey Silks & Co
Puppy Pippa

Top 5 Reasons You Should Attend a Workshop in 2018

If you've been slowly growing your business recently, or have been in the wedding industry for a while but have started to feel static when it comes to being creative, it may be time to sign up for a workshop. Or maybe you're a beginner and need those skills to really get going!

Nearly every type of creative or wedding-focused business could benefit from attending a workshop this year and furthering their education, especially since trends and updates seem to happen so often these days

Whether you've thought about it before or not, take a look at some of these top reasons you should consider being a workshop-attendee in 2018: 

The Potted Pansy 1:1 Mentoring Session

1. Grow your techniques and learn new skills.

Are you still in the early stages of your business? Take a workshop to expand your techniques and skills!

Many of us start a business because it's something we enjoy or are good at. But that doesn't mean we know from the get-go everything there is to know about our industries.

Workshops are especially useful for those who are new to the business, since they can show you tools of the trade and teach you methods from professionals who have been doing it for years.

The Potted Pansy Mentoring

2. Continue your education.

They're also extremely useful for established professionals, by allowing them to test out new styles that can help them grow faster than they would have on their own!

Whether you're a wedding photographer, planner or a floral designer, ongoing education is an impactful way to grow your business faster and expand your horizons. 

Workshop The Potted Pansy

3. Re-light your creative flame.

Have you been feeling overworked, uninspired or just stuck in your usual go-to strategies for your work? Attend a workshop to renew your desire, your passion and rekindle the flames that were the reasons you started this career in the first place!


4. Expand your network.

Workshops are the perfect opportunity to find your tribe, your flock, your squad -- whichever you want to call them! 

Connect with others across state boarders by traveling to one in a place you've never been but have always dreamed of visiting. Or stay local and build relationships with other vendors and creatives nearby!

Not only will you likely make long-lasting friendships, but you'll also likely find others who can be great referral partners for you. 

The Potted Pansy Workshops

5. Escape from the grind.

Maybe all you need is a break from the everyday habits and to-do lists. Or you want a way of de-stressing by getting away from a demanding atmosphere.

A workshop can be the perfect escape from the hard work, and give you a chance to be around whatever you love most, whether that be flowers, cameras and lenses, or art! 

The Potted Pansy + Local Roots

If you're thinking, hey, maybe I need to check out a workshop, click below! We'd love to have you!

Utah Desert Mountain Engagements

Utah Desert Mountain Bridal Bouquet

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love the desert. I love the heat. I love the way the sun beats upon the earth. I love the dry weeds and the little bits of green that somehow survive with little to no water. I love how we can grow things in our bit of the desert by modern watering systems, and how the hills go the way of the earth and dry out long before the valley does. I love the red rock and the soil that belongs to it. I love the cracked bits of earth and the way they beg for moisture. I love the tumbleweeds that continue to exist, long after their time has passed. And I love incorporating all of these things into who we are and what we do. This is the world that surrounds us. Embrace it.

Utah Desert Bridal Session
Utah Desert Mountain Bridals

How to Select the Right Type of Centerpiece for Your Wedding

Although it may not seem like it at first, centerpieces can have a big impact on your overall wedding design. Not only do they provide your guests with something beautiful to look at during the reception, but they can also be finishing touches that personalize your wedding and make it stand out from the rest! 

Without centerpieces, a wedding reception design can simply feel incomplete. But with a wide range of styles and looks, selecting the right one can quickly become overwhelming. 

Here are a few important factors to consider when finalizing your wedding design and narrowing down your centerpiece selections. 

The Potted Pansy + As Ever Photography Centerpiece

Consider Your Color Palette

If you have already planned other decor items to a specific set of colors, there's no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to your centerpieces. Aim to keep them within the same range of colors, or choose one or two of your primary colors to ensure consistency. 

Then speak with your coordinator, designer, rental company and/or wedding florist to bring together a design that won't clash with the rest of your decor. 

Remember the Setting

Especially if your wedding is set to be outdoors, you'll want to keep the elements in mind when selecting your centerpiece items. Certain styles of candles can be blown out easily in the wind, and you might want to rely on more hardy plants for settings in full-sunlight. 

The setting of your reception can also provide a lot of inspiration! If you're getting married beside a mountain lodge, you may want more greenery or rustic elements involved. Or if you are celebrating your day in a garden, look for softer, more romantic pieces to go with a springtime vibe!


Will your guests be seated at large round tables? Or will they be seated along wide rectangular tables? Keeping these in mind when choosing your centerpieces will be important, since one style may fit better on one table size and shape versus another. 

When in Doubt, Speak with Your Vendors

After all, that's what we're here for! We know how to listen to your ideas, understand your vision, and implement a centerpiece design that will bring your wedding reception together. Ask us for advice on florals and greenery, votives and candles, tablerunners and more! 

Looking for a Premier Wedding Florist in Utah?

The Potted Pansy is Utah’s premier floral designer, owned and operated by Mandy Ogaz. Every arrangement, bouquet and centerpiece is custom designed to reflect your personality and love for one another. If you’re looking for a floral designer who cares about all the intricate details and is passionate about texture, color, and style, talk to Mandy about your wedding today!

The Gown and The Queen Who Wears It | Utah Wedding Floral

Blake Hogge and Ruedenseine with The Potted Pansy Utah bridal

You all know I go a little head over heels for that boho bride who dances to her own beat and hears her own music. So how could I not jump at the chance to work with this talented team to photograph the ULTIMATE boho dress?! Not wedding you say? I beg to differ!

Just because a gown isn't white doesn't mean it isn't a gown! Remember, do you! Be you! If you fall in love with a dress listen to that inner voice telling you this is it! Ignore what the world says. Ignore what others say. If this is really you, go for it! 

And enjoy every moment of being the princess, the queen, the star of the show in that gown! Here's a quick peek at some of the beautiful images captured on this day. The gown itself makes a statement, but when perfectly paired with the other details, it's a show stopper! 

What do you think of that crown? Talk about a modern day queen? That crown is it! Soft, natural hair in a half up do accents it perfectly. Flawless natural makeup that defines the natural beauty in this bride. Florals that also make a statement and pull out the tones and detail in that gown. Ribbon. I don't ever think I even need to say anything about ribbon. The setting. Weeds. Rocks. Dirt. A bit of water in the background. A golden sunset. Editing style that knocks these images out of the park.

And the most important part, love. 

Utah Antelope Island Bridals
Antelope Island Bridal Session
Summer & Jeff's Utah Formals
Summer & Jeff's Antelope Island Formals
Summer & Jeff's Antelope Island Bouquet

5 Stunning Floral Installation Ideas for Your Wedding

Aside from bouquets and centerpieces, florals play a major role in the overall aesthetic of a wedding. No matter if it’s an indoor wedding or outdoor wedding, rustic or elegant, floral installations and greenery are an easy way to elevate your wedding ceremony or reception.

If you’re a bride that wants to make a statement at your wedding, a floral installation is the perfect way to do so. Whether it’s a wall with blossoming flowers or a table covered of greenery, here are five stunning floral installations ideas for your wedding day.

The Potted Pansy + Ponderosa and Thyme Installation

Wall of Flowers

Is there anything more photo-worthy than a backdrop of nothing but flowers? Draw all eyes towards you and your partner with a wall installation full of flowers or greenery as the background during your ceremony.

Whether you go with natural, viney greenery or choose white roses for an elegant touch, a floral wall is sure to make a memorable statement.

Table Runner

There’s no better place for a long, beautiful piece of garland than down the table as a runner. If you’ll be having long tables at your reception, consider adding greenery to the center as a table runner. They’re a simple way to make the table decor feel effortless and still leave plenty of space for the place settings, food and drinks.

Floral Chandelier

Make florals front and center by incorporating them into the biggest statement piece in the room -- the chandelier. Imagine dancing beneath a cascading arrangement of flowers and greens floating above the dance floor. Dreamy, right?! 

Consider working with your florist to create a floral centerpiece, like a chandelier, that can hang in the middle of the room and create a stunning focal point.

Garland Drapery

Another way to incorporate greenery? By draping garlands throughout the space. Whether your venue is an outdoor tent and the garland is draped from the ceiling, or if it’s hanging against the wall in a modern indoor venue, you can’t go wrong with fresh, decorative garlands.

Hanging Decor

Floating flowers create a romantic setting and are always a hit! If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you can hang floral arrangements or cascading vines from the trees, or if you’re indoors consider hanging something modern like glass globes or geometric structures with flowers woven in. The sky’s the limit!

Close up Installation The Potted Pansy

Contact a Premier Wedding Florist in Utah

The Potted Pansy is Utah’s premier floral designer, owned and operated by Mandy Ogaz. Every arrangement, bouquet and centerpiece is custom designed to reflect your personality and love for one another. If you’re looking for a floral designer who cares about all the intricate details and is passionate about texture, color, and style, talk to Mandy about your wedding today!

Floral The Potted Pansy with Ponderosa and Thyme at a 1:1 #ponderosaandthymeworkshop
Photography Mariel Hannah
Model Carrie Jones

From the Proposal to 'I Do': A Floral Wedding Timeline

If you and the love of your life recently became engaged, then you probably already know there are a lot of moving parts to consider as you start the wedding planning process. 

When it comes to your wedding bouquets, centerpieces and other floral arrangements, there are certain key steps you should take to make sure everything looks cohesive and runs smoothly. 

Follow these steps to have all of your wedding florals ready for the big day!

Baylee Dennis + The Potted Pansy

First Things First: Venue

Before any other vendor is chosen, finding the right venue is the essential first step to planning your wedding. Why? Because it can shape how the style, setting, and timeline looks for the rest of your special day. 

Take this time to enjoy looking up locations you love. Do you prefer to stay local? Are you looking for a destination? Look through Pinterest and your favorite wedding magazines to find a place you absolutely adore. Once you can't imagine having it anywhere else, secure your date with the venue! 

Baylee Dennis + The Potted Pansy Utah Bride

Think About Design

After your venue has been booked, start brainstorming and researching which floral items you may want involved, including any colors or themes you want to integrate. This will give you a good initial idea of what you're looking for, which is really helpful when you begin to search for wedding florists in the area to discuss options. 

Bring some of your ideas to the table when you schedule your consultation with each florist. You may not need to know exactly which flowers you love or want, but showing images with your vision in mind can help your florist pinpoint the blooms, greenery and overall style that will bring your vision to life.

Utah Wedding Bridals

Choose and Hire Your Florist

Each time you meet or talk with a potential wedding florist, ask yourself a few key questions. How did it feel talking with them? Are they able to understand and elaborate on your wedding day vision? 

Other important things to consider also include whether or not they can work within the budget you have set aside for the wedding, and how much quality and value you feel you'll get with this florist. 

Don't be afraid to ask questions as you speak with them! You should feel extremely comfortable with your florist, even if it means talking about changes or what you do/don't like down the line. They are a key player in your big day!

You might also want to head over to our blog post on the subject, How to Find the Right Floral Designer for Your Wedding!

Walk the Venue with Your Florist

As you both work together to plan the day's decor and floral arrangements, taking a venue tour can be useful in playing with ideas before finalizing the wedding day design. Have fun walking around and seeing which areas could be great for things like your welcome table, or a jaw-dropping ceremony installation!

Utah Wedding Florist Bridals

Finalize the Details

The final step to your floral to-do list is simply the logistics: finalizing quantities of items (such as the number of centerpieces, floral crowns or bouquets), where and when the items will be delivered on the day of your wedding, and any other details that haven't been sorted out yet. Be sure to provide your florist with contact information for the other vendors (and vice versa!) so they can take care of the rest for you. 

And then you can relax and enjoy the day without any worries!

The Potted Pansy Utah Florist

Contact a Premier Wedding Florist in Utah

The Potted Pansy is Utah’s premier floral designer, owned and operated by Mandy Ogaz. Every arrangement, bouquet and centerpiece is custom designed to reflect your personality and love for one another. If you’re looking for a floral designer who cares about all the intricate details and is passionate about texture, color, and style, talk to Mandy about your wedding today!

Floral The Potted Pansy
Photography Baylee Dennis Photography
Bride Kenzie B Photo
Groom Tyler Ward
Ribbon Honey Silks Co

Wintery Fog Utah Bridals

Foggy Winter Utah Bridals with The Potted Pansy

It's the winter fog and the soft white gown and those piercing eyes. Oh those eyes! It's the mystery that lurks just beyond the blur of the fog and the deep sea that swims in her eyes. It's the simple romance that makes a woman more beautiful than her features, more beautiful than what meets the eye, more soul and more complete. That's what makes a woman truly beautiful. Her soul.

And along with that, sometimes you don't need a large, fancy bouquet. Sometimes you simply need to compliment what already exists and the beauty around you. Let that woman shine. And compliment her with natural beauty.

Foggy Utah Bridals with The Potted Pansy

How to Find the Right Floral Designer for Your Wedding

The Potted Pansy + As Ever Photography Utah Wedding

Whether you're just starting to plan your big day or you've already begun your search for the perfect wedding vendors, be sure you're working with experienced professionals you trust to help make your dream come true. 

After all, this day requires a lot of hard work -- for you and for your vendors! So you'll want to select ones who understand your style, personality and vision well enough to bring it alive. And when it comes to selecting the right wedding florist, try the following steps to help guide you along the way!

Determine Your Budget

Having a big wedding with all the bells and whistles? Opting for a smaller, intimate ceremony? No matter the size of your wedding guest list, a pre-planned budget can keep you in line so you aren't splurging on areas of the event that may not matter to you as much, and focus more on getting the highest quality vendors for the parts you care most about (such as photography, florals and venue). 

Start with Research

Some of the most well-designed weddings don't come together overnight. They require a certain level of research, so that you know exactly what you want your day to look like and which professionals can help you achieve it! Take a look at platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to get an idea of what floral arrangement styles you love and reach out to your top floral designer choices to see if their available for your date. 

Talk with a Few Florists and Ask Questions

Be sure to narrow down your search to a few of your top wedding florist choices and ask for a consultation. Set a time to meet with them in person (or video chat if you're planning a destination wedding) and ask them key questions to ensure you feel comfortable with them and like what they have to say. Here are some questions you should ask your potential wedding florist: 

  • Do you have my wedding date available? 
  • What is your floral design process like? 
  • What can you do within my budget? 
  • Do you have experience working with my venue? 
  • What flowers might look well with my style or theme? 

Pay a Deposit and Sign an Agreement

When you've decided on the right fit after the consultations, it'll be time to put it in writing! It's standard practice for most vendors in the wedding industry to require some form of deposit to secure their services for your date, and a signed agreement that states what the work will entail. 

Collaborate on Ideas 

And the rest is history! You'll have a blast collaborating on floral design ideas to bring together your wedding day with an organic, natural feel. Talk with them about bouquets, centerpieces, tablerunners, installations and more!

Looking for a Premier Wedding Florist in Utah?

The Potted Pansy is Utah’s premier floral designer, owned and operated by Mandy Ogaz. Every arrangement, bouquet and centerpiece is custom designed to reflect your personality and love for one another. If you’re looking for a floral designer who cares about all the intricate details and is passionate about texture, color, and style, talk to Mandy about your wedding today!

Downtown Salt Lake City Bridals

Downtown SLC Bridals

If you know me, you know I love nature. I'm not a city girl and I try hard to avoid crowds. So when the weather turned muddy just before this shoot, I was a little disappointed. We wouldn't be able to go up into the mountains for any images!

But man, was I wrong! This has become one of my favorites! The complete change in scenery, the big city feel, the concrete and shiny buildings! And the juxtaposition of that wild bouquet. It's kind of perfection.

I absolutely love seeing the flowing gown, so soft and delicate, amongst the strong and sharp lines of the buildings. I love the determined look in Audrey's eyes as she walks confidently around the city. I love the strength and delicate softness she portrays. I love that the florals show an inner spirit shining through a crowd of people. And I love that my little city looks like the big city!

And so I'm you prefer the nature scene or the city backdrop? Where would you choose?

Downtown Salt Lake Rooftop Bridals
Downtown SLC City Bridals
Downtown SLC City Bridal Shoot

Lundy + Anders | Utah Greenery Wedding

Lundy Utah Winter Bridals

Greenery. It's the thing. It's been on trend for about a year now and seems to be hitting it's peak this year! And oh do we love it! There is so much goodness and depth and texture and shape that comes with greenery. It's unique in it's own way and brings out both a classic style as well as a more modern, boho style. 

Lundy was one of the most classic brides we have ever met! She wanted clean, textural, simple, and timeless. And she wanted green. So off we went! Her bouquet doesn't actually have ANY flower blooms in it! Do you see that? It's all greenery, textural flowers, and what we call filler flowers...meaning they don't have big blooms on them. 

What I love about her bouquet is the depth and range of texture in it! So I know you're asking yourself, what? No flowers? But do you really think they're necessary? Give us some fern, a bit of eucalyptus, acacia, holly, pitt, snow on the mountain, desert yearning, privet, veronica, olive, bay leaf, and scabiosa pods and we are more than happy! There is so much to look at that we don't even miss the focal blooms!!!

Besides the fact that Lundy's eyes are the impeccable match to the green. Take a look! She has THE most gorgeous eyes! 

We're all about that bout too! It's textural, it's simple, it's manly and stately. It's classic. But not boring. It's what our grooms are asking for! None of the focals and all of the texture!

And finally, ribbon. Gold velvet ribbon. Classic. 

Utah Wedding Bouquet
Utah Green Bouquet

Kristine + Luke Valentine's Day Romance in Salt Lake City

Valentines Day Love with The Potted Pansy

Love is in the Air! It's that month when we celebrate love, in all it's forms, but of course romantic love is at the top of that list. This adorable couple is the epitome and cute and fun and romantic and well, again, adorable. So making a little bouquet for them was a treat. What was even more of a treat? The SNOW!!!

We typically have snow in Utah beginning with the first flakes falling around Halloween (yes, that early) and we continue to shovel sometimes through March. I remember years we have had white flurries the first weeks of June even! Utah weather is so unpredictable. But this year has taken the cake. This year has been beyond unpredictable. This year we had snow once. Once. 
And guess what, this couple just happened to choose that one day for pictures! Oh how happy I was!!! If you look closely you can see a few white flurries in Kristine's hair and in the foreground in front of her. Look closely! I promise they are there!

So on this Valentine's Day, we will pretend there is snow, cuddle up in front of the fire even if it isn't that cold, and enjoy these romantic black, red, pink and WHITE images!

Utah Valentines Day Formal Session
Valentines Day Bouquet in Utah

Real Couple. Real Love.

All the way from hong kong

Real Couple. Real Love.

I know so many of you think these are all staged, styled shoots. But I'm here to tell you that so many of the images I post are of REAL couples sharing their REAL love. These two came all the way from Hong Kong to capture their love in the beautiful scenery that Utah has to offer. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place with a myriad of natural offerings! From the Salt Flats to the snowy pined mountains. From Arches and Zion Natural Parks to Antelope Island. 

And besides that, can we talk about the red? I don't often make a red bouquet, but man I love the way this turned out! With Lynn's stunning red gown, this screams romantic! And I love it!

Lynn Tay Utah Winter Bridals
The Potted Pansy + Eden Strader Utah Bridals
The Potted Pansy + Eden Strader Salt Flat Bridals

Floral The Potted Pansy
Photography Eden Strader
Ribbon Honey Silks Co

A Night Under The Starts | Utah Winter Wedding


A Night Under The Stars began with the inspiration from Picasso's "Starry Night". When Mallory first came to me, she had already pulled some of the tones from the painting and added in her own personal preference of blush and white. And so the romantic starry night color palette included the deep night navy blue, the teal and gold tones of the setting sun, and that light blush...representing those first bits of light shining on a new morning.

And not only did the color palette reflect a night under the stars, but guests were literally seated under the stars. No, not outside in the freezing winter weather. No, the ceiling installation, built and hung on a 25' ceiling, gave a romantic, magical mood to the entire room. And those twinkle lights brought the cool winter night indoor.

The massive centerpieces sent this wedding over the top! As if a huge ceiling installation wasn't enough, we met it's majesty with 25 of the largest arrangements, stunning the guests whose oohs and aahs were audible. 

It was a sparkling, starry dream, A Night Under the Stars, a magical creation, all taken from the inspiration of a painting and a name.

Mallory and Steve
Mallory Arch
Mallory by The Potted Pansy
Mallory and Steve bridals
Mallory centerpiece

Sydney + Dustin | A Love Story Unlike Any Other

Sydney + Dustin and The Potted Pansy

Love doesn't always look the way we imagine it. Love isn't always found in the obvious places. Love is unique to each one of us an this couldn't be more true of Sydney and Dustin. 

The look on their faces, the glow in their eyes, the mutual respect between them, was more than I could bear on that day. It's these types of couple and their love that give me far more than I could ever give them. Knowing these people and seeing the way they live their lives has only enriched mine. Thank you, to both of you. I'll never forget you!

Sydney Terry
Sydney + Dustin and The Potted Pansy bouquet
Alix Ann Loosle and The Potted Pansy
Sydney + Dustin Married