The Potted Pansy's Favorite Color Palettes

No matter where your ceremony and reception will be or what style you choose, one of the first steps in piecing together your wedding-day vision is choosing a color palette. If you aren't sure where to start, here are some tips and ideas to inspire you!

How to Choose a Color Palette for Your Wedding

Even if you have always dreamed of a wedding with a specific look and feel in mind, the early steps in the planning process give you a chance to explore a range of ideas before settling on "the one"! 

You should first start by thinking about which wedding venue or location might provide the right ambiance you're looking for. For example, if you want an organic yet elegant feel, consider selecting an amazing outdoor wedding venue that suits your personality!

Once you have a place booked and a date selected, you can use the location and time of year to give you ideas. And if you're hoping to add a little spin to the style or theme, start looking in places like Pinterest, TV shows, books, restaurants and more to see what may make your wedding unique!

My Favorite Color Palettes

I have a deep passion for the colors of the natural world, and love seeing unique shades come together to create something that truly speaks to who my couples are. Here are a few I can never seem to get enough of: 

Whites to Ivories

For a soft and more classic color palette, I love using a range of whites and ivories together in a way that is non-traditional. 

Muted and Subdued

Although many florists out there love the bright and vibrant blooms (which have a beauty in their own way!), muted and subdued colors can give off such a romantic and organic vibe. It's also a great palette option for those who are planning a desert wedding!

Plum and Rust

These colors are just rich and warm -- especially together in bouquets and centerpieces. If you are wanting an autumn color palette that is a little outside the norm, this might be perfect for you!

Bold Burgundy, Mauve and Greens

And last, but definitely not least, I love seeing burgundy and mauve against green in really organic and garden-style floral arrangements. 

Reach Out to a Wedding Florist in SLC

The Potted Pansy is Utah’s premier floral designer, owned and operated by Mandy Ogaz. Every arrangement, bouquet and centerpiece is custom designed to reflect your personality and love for one another. If you’re looking for a floral designer who cares about all the intricate details and is passionate about texture, color, and style, talk to Mandy about your wedding today!

Upcoming Wedding Trends: Are They Right for You?

While traditional weddings may never go away, fresh wedding ideas pop up every year. They are a new twist on classic traditions and allow couples to create a unique celebration that’s personalized to their style.

But just like all trends, whether it’s the latest beauty product or clothing style, trendy wedding options may not be for you. Here are some of the latest trends to hit the wedding scene -- are they right for you?

Going Green

The Potted Pansy Morgan Laycock Wedding

Within the last year, there's been a rise in the "all greenery" trend. Instead of using blooms and colorful flowers, some couples are starting to integrate only greenery into their wedding design. 

When done right, the look can be simple, yet elegant! However, this isn't for everyone. Before deciding if this is a good style choice for your wedding, consider the location, setting and overall theme you're hoping to achieve.

If it is an idea you're in love with, talk with your wedding florist to find the right type of greenery that will match your wedding design's aesthetic!

Unexpected florals

The Potted Pansy Utah Valley Bride Magazine Launch

Florals have grown from solely being displayed in bouquets and centerpieces to making their way into every aspect of a wedding. Whether it’s through living botanical bars, a wall installation full of greenery, or big potted plants placed on the aisle, florals are being used in unexpected ways.

If you want to use florals to make a statement at your ceremony or reception, this trend is perfect for you. Freshen up a space by creating a floral display to act as a focal point. But maybe an emphasis on florals isn’t your style, and if that’s the case then stick to florals in a traditional sense by going with a blooming bouquet or elegant centerpiece.

Experience over materials

The Potted Pansy Lake Powell

It’s all about the experience. From alternate forms of entertainment, a destination location for an intimate wedding, or unconventional food options, couples are seeking to create an experience that their family and friends will get a kick out of. Couples choosing this route over "materials" want their guests to have a unique experience and leave with memories rather than party favors.

This trend can be incorporated in a range of ways, for both modern and traditional weddings. You can either choose an unexpected space, mix up the ceremony structure, or even add a food truck to your cocktail hour. With this trend, the sky’s the limit and you can personalize your wedding with as many experience elements as you’d like, big or small.

Colorful florals

The Potted Pansy Morgan Laycock Wedding

While florals always tend to add a pop of color to a ceremony or reception, weddings are seeing florals going from light pastels to deeper hues.

If you’re hesitant about color but curious to try this trend, add pops of color in small doses by mixing in dark-hued flowers within a lighter bunch. The dramatic colors combined with classic shades will make for a subtle statement if you don’t want to lean full-on into color.

A modern touch

The Potted Pansy Modern Touch

With a focus on design, weddings are seeing a transition from traditional setups to more modern, architectural spaces. While the rustic farm style had its time to shine, it’s time for museums, lofts, and rooftops to have their moment.

Couples are finding themselves planning weddings at contemporary venues to mix it up and create a memorable experience for guests. If you lean more towards the traditional style with classic elements, then the modern and architectural trend may not be right for you.

But if modern describes your design style then consider incorporating sleek elements into your nuptials. Lucite chairs, transparent table accessories -- mid-century modern is making its way back into the wedding scene.

Contact a Premier Wedding Florist in Utah

The Potted Pansy is Utah’s premier floral designer, owned and operated by Mandy Ogaz. Every arrangement, bouquet and centerpiece is custom designed to reflect your personality and love for one another. If you’re looking for a floral designer who cares about all the intricate details and is passionate about texture, color, and style, talk to Mandy about your wedding today!

How to Define and Refine Your Floral Style

Every creative professional out there should work on finding their own unique style and approach -- and florists are no exception. 

Having a floral style allows you to better attract ideal clients looking for a particular look and feel when it comes to their bouquets, flower arrangements and other requests. It also can help you feel more confident in the work you do, especially if you find a style you love to work with!

But finding your individual floral style may seem like a challenge when you first start your floral business. 

Whether you are just beginning to learn the ins and outs of floral design, or you are working on refining your floral style over time, here are a few tips to help you in the process. 

Play with New Ideas

The Potted Pansy and Blake Hogge

Don't be afraid to try new things, even if you've already established a way of designing your arrangements!

You never really know what you like until you've tried it. And should you ever feel like you're losing your motivation, trying new ideas can replenish your creative side and rejuvenate your business!

Learn from Others

Schedule a mentorship session with another florist nearby or sign up for a floral design workshop!

One of the best things you can do for your business is learning from others and being open to constructive criticism. Once you understand how other professionals in the industry create their work, you can adapt it to suit your own needs and ideas. 

Then you'll be able to find your own method of doing things and be drawn to pull in certain components from your lessons that you love along the way. 

Ask Yourself: What Are You Most Drawn to? 

The Potted Pansy and Blake Hogge

As you begin to grow and practice designing florals and greenery, pay attention. 

Which are the flowers you always tend to order more of? Which pictures are you always saving to your boards on Pinterest? What do they all have in common? 

Look for the similarities and repetitions in your work. This is the base of your style! 


Try digging into your past for inspiration and ideas!

Your background, hometown, and childhood all may hold unique qualities that can help you define and refine your floral style.

What are the experiences, places, smells or activities that have influenced your life? See if there's a way to incorporate them into your design style. 


The Potted Pansy and Blake Hogge

This may seem like a really formal term or way to go about it, but analyzing and evaluating all of these factors above can be the difference between floundering and flourishing. 

Look back on your style over time and notice the signature moments and characteristics your floral designs have. Then write it out and define it! 

Once you know your style, see where it takes you. You might be surprised to learn more about yourself along the way. 

Contact a Premier Floral Mentor

The Potted Pansy is Utah’s premier floral designer, owned and operated by Mandy Ogaz. Each mentoring session is designed to cater to the needs of each attendee. If you’re looking for a mentor who cares about all the intricate details and is passionate about texture, color, and style, talk to Mandy about mentoring today!

Floral The Potted Pansy
Photography Blake Hogge
Gown Rue de Seine from Alta Moda Bridal
Suit True Gentleman Supply Co
Models Brynn Stahle and Stephen Stahle

Delia + Dylan Bridals

Speechless, really. Because they were perfection.

Delia & Dylan's Bridals
Delia & Dylan's Bridals

My 5 Favorite Business Tools

Being a business owner means being able to wear many hats. One moment you’re working on your numbers and playing accountant, the next you’re re-strategizing your marketing plan. All in a day’s work!

While you may be a team of one (or rely on a small team!), there are many resources that ease the workload, make your day to day a little easier, and ultimately contribute to your business’ long-term growth. Here are five of my favorite business tools.



Honeybook is an all-in-one platform that streamlines your workflow by keeping everything from proposals to booking and invoicing, all in one place.

Using a software like Honeybook can not only keep you organized, it can help keep you on track by allowing you to visualize every step you’re at with each client. And when it comes to entrepreneurship, community is another resource that keeps us motivated -- Honeybook has a built-in community of fellow creatives for you to collaborate and connect with.

From referrals to advice, the help from others on this platform is the cherry on top of a must-have tool.

Quickbooks Self-Employed

Accounting for a small business is a necessary and sometimes confusing process. Luckily, Quickbooks offers a self-employed version of their software that helps immensely.

Using Quickbooks, you can keep track of both business and personal expenses, track mileage and even pay quarterly estimated taxes online. The software is pretty straightforward and easy to use and best of all, comes with a low monthly cost.

It’s a worthy investment that will prevent many money-related headaches down the road.

Instagram Planner

We all know how important Instagram is as a branding tool, but it can sometimes feel all-consuming when we have so many other tasks on our plates.

That’s where planning apps like Later or Planoly come in. You can use these tools to plan and schedule all of your Instagram posts ahead of time without ever having to go into the app each time you want to post.

Scheduling social media is a major time saver and allows you to focus on more pressing things on your to-do list.



People are very visual creatures, which means having high-quality photos at the ready are a must-have in order to market your brand.

Whether it’s for your website, social media or marketing materials, photos of both yourself and your brand are necessary in order to tell your story and draw people in to what you have to offer.

And good news -- you don’t have to be a professional photographer to snap photos for your business! If it’s for social media, iPhone photos work just fine.

If you need product shots for your website, a nicer camera might come in handy. Either way, photos add to your brand’s overall image and help communicate your message.

Face-to-Face Interaction

No matter how many apps or gadgets or online communities come to the forefront, nothing beats face to face interaction.

If you work with clients in your area, offer to have an in-person meeting instead of going back and forth over email. If you’re looking for new clients or business connections, attend a networking event.

And if you hit it off with someone at the event, invite them to grab a coffee with you sometime to continue the conversation and build a meaningful relationship. While it’s easy to work behind the laptop all day long, there are plenty of opportunities to get out of the house and have genuine face to face interactions with people that create connections for the long-term.


Amanda + Dominique

Amanda + Dominique Utah Wedding
Amanda + Dom Ceremony
Amanda and Dominique Chandelier
Amanda + Dominique Green Wedding
Amanda + Dominique Modern Wedding
Amanda + Dominique Utah Wedding

The Top 5 Floral Details You Should Include in Your Wedding Design

There are a variety of moving parts involved when bringing your wedding-day vision to life. And sometimes the pressure can feel overwhelming, especially since your wedding design should speak to who you are as a couple, your personality and your style. 

Although every wedding will be different, there are a few key floral details to consider including in your wedding design. Use the list below to guide you as you plan your perfect day!

The Potted Pansy Intimate Wedding

The Bouquet

This is the most obvious, but also because it's the most important floral piece! Bouquets are the number one floral detail you should have for your big day. 

Why? Because they complete your bridal look! They are also a beautiful touch that will bring some extra pizzazz to your wedding portraits, and one of the biggest focal pieces your guests will see as you walk down the aisle. 

The Potted Pansy bouquet

Ceremony Florals

Your bouquet isn't the only thing your guests should see during the ceremony!

There should be something in the ceremony area that catches your guests' eyes and says, "Stop here. This is where an important event will take place." 

A few examples may be greenery aisle runners, a ceremony floral installation, or a wall backdrop. And just imagine how the photos will turn out with an extra pop of greenery and/or color!

A Floral Entrance

First impressions aren't just for people! Set the tone as each guest walks in, and it can go a long way in completing the overall ambiance of your wedding celebrations. 

Consider a floral archway, or a set of large floral pots on either side of the doorway. Or for a smaller touch, add some blooms to sit atop your welcome sign! 

The Potted Pansy floral installation

A Floral Installation for Your Reception

Especially if your reception will be in a different location and separate from your ceremony, you may want to consider a focal statement piece for the big celebration!

Adding florals to one main wall in the reception area or hanging a floral installation from the ceiling are both two great ideas for something like this! The key is to remember quality over quantity. People will be far more likely to remember one statement piece more than they'll remember small centerpieces on each table. 

Something for Your Guests

Especially for more formal, sit-down dinner events, giving each guest a little something at their seat or on their plate can have a meaningful impact. 

This can make them feel delighted and welcomed personally. You could go with a simple sprig of greenery or as elaborate as a small potted plant for each guest to take home and remember the day by!

The Potted Pansy Centerpiece

Floral The Potted Pansy
Design and Styling The Potted Pansy
Photography Jessica White Photography
Venue The Loft Studio Lehi
Gown Leanne Marshall
Model Jess Ruiz DelVizo
HMUA Marisa Rose MPH

Contact a Premier Wedding Florist in Utah

The Potted Pansy is Utah’s premier floral designer, owned and operated by Mandy Ogaz. Every arrangement, bouquet and centerpiece is custom designed to reflect your personality and love for one another. If you’re looking for a floral designer who cares about all the intricate details and is passionate about texture, color, and style, talk to Mandy about your wedding today!

Mercedes + Tyler

Mercedes and Tyler Utah LDS Wedding

Because I’ll never get over this sweet, gorgeous late summer wedding! Mercedes and Ty are still some of my all-time favorite people and I jump at every chance to see them! Mercedes gown was absolute perfection. Ty’s light gray suite was elegant yet understated. The way they look at each other was indescribable.

And the dahlias! Oh. My. Word. If you’re getting married in August or September, you MUST have dahlias! Mercedes wanted to incorporate some antique frames that were meaningful so we created this beautiful backdrop for their ring ceremony. Dahlias galore in muted fall tones with all that lush greenery. Oh take me back! Congratulations to this beautiful couple and thank you for being friends forever!

Mercedes Utah Fall Wedding

Capitol Reef National Park Elopement

Capitol Reef Elopement

Adventure Weddings? Yes. Yes. And yes.

There isn’t anywhere better than Utah for an adventure wedding. The red rock. The cliffs. The mountains. The desert. If you’re needing some inspiration, scroll through these gorgeous images and imagine what your Utah elopement or intimate wedding could look like!

Capitol Reef Elopement with Shleeeeeeeeee
Capitol Reef National Park Elopement
Capitol Reef National Park Elopement The Potted Pansy
The Potted Pansy National Park Elopement

How to Plan an Adventure Wedding in Utah

The Potted Pansy Red Cliffs Ranch

If you and your soon-to-be spouse love the outdoors and everything non-traditional, an adventure wedding may be the perfect option! 

What is an Adventure Wedding? 

Adventure weddings have increased in popularity over the last few years -- and for good reason! Not only does it give you the freedom to celebrate your love nearly anywhere you'd like, but you can likely plan it in a shorter timeframe, with less stress and with a smaller budget. 

To put it simply, adventure weddings are ceremonies held in an outdoorsy location, especially in places like the mountains, forest or desert. Although many couples choose to do without any wedding guests, others invite a small group of friends and family to join in on the fun!

The Potted Pansy Red Cliffs Lodge outdoor

How to Plan an Adventure Wedding in Utah

One of the best perks about this unique style of wedding is that you can put as much or as little effort into them as you'd like. You can keep the planning process to a minimum, with only the details you care most about. 

Top Places in Utah for an Adventure Wedding

The first step to planning any wedding is to find the right place to say your vows. Utah's vast landscape offers dozens of great places to have an adventure wedding, which can make it hard to choose just one!

Between five stunning National Parks and a wide range of state and local parks, you're sure to find something you love for an adventure wedding backdrop. You might even take a look at another one of our blog posts on 5 Outdoor Wedding Venues in Utah that may give you the inspiration you need!

Keep in mind that the desert can get extremely hot during the summer and very chilly in the winter. Spring and fall are beautiful times of the year for an adventure wedding in Utah, but if you're up for some snow, winter can be just as beautiful for your big day!

Vendors to Contact in the Planning Process

Once you've found your location, you should begin reaching out to a handful of wedding vendors who can help you bring your vision to life. 

A few you'll want to consider speaking with include a wedding photographer, a floral designer, an officiant, a wedding videographer, and a makeup and hair artist. Once you book your vendors, the rest is up to you! Send invitations to guests you'd like to join in on the fun, or start reserving a place to stay for just the two of you!

The Potted Pansy Bouquet Red Cliffs Lodge

Contact a Top Floral Designer in Utah

The Potted Pansy, owned and operated by Mandy Ogaz, is a premier floral designer in Utah. Every arrangement, bouquet and centerpiece is custom designed to reflect your personality and love for one another. If you’re looking for a floral designer who cares about all the intricate details and is passionate about texture, color, and style (and LOVES elopements/adventure weddings!), talk to Mandy about your wedding today!

The Potted Pansy Red Cliff Ranch

Ribbon Honey Silks & Co
Bride Michelle
Venue Red Cliffs Ranch

Lauren Jensen Wedding

Luaren + Joshua Utah Wedding
Lauren + Josh Snowbird Wedding
Lauren + Josh Utah Mtn Wedding
Lauren and her girls
Lauren and Josh Winter Wedding
Lauren Hiking Cake at Snowbird
Lauren and Josh Snowbird Wedding

Miesh Hanging piece Shoot

Utah Indoor Elopement

Sometimes others say it better than we can, so here goes... 
Peyton Lind Photography was the mastermind behind this entire shoot, and her insight far exceeds anything I could describe. In her own words,  

"The studio space was incredible and Miesh was so great to work with, it's safe to say we all wanted to move in to the space haha! I mean look at all that gorgeous light. The dress from Made with Love was a dream and everything I could have hoped for, especially on Alyssa!! Which can we talk about how adorable Alyssa + Brandon are?

They are total sweethearts and I cannot thank them enough for doing the shoot with us, so THANK YOU Alyssa + Brandon. I loved that Brandon came and hungout while Alyssa was getting her hair and makeup done. Not everyday a guy gets to watch the process. That and you could tell these two were just totally in-love ( all the heart eyes!). As always Olive Avenue had a stunner of a ring that I would be lying if I said I definitely didn't think about taking it home with me! Brandon's tie from Dazi was the perfect addition to his suit as well. I loved how well the colors and pattern went with the florals. Amanda at Sugared Memories created the coolest macrame adorned cake that was a stunner. We added a piece of blood orange that really popped and added just the right amount of texture. The table scape was exactly how I pictured in my head. I loved how the himalayan pink salt and fruit slices added so much texture. And the ombre napkins added the perfect tie in to the invitation suite Alexis at Darling devotion created. Can we talk about those amazing personal vows. WOW! She is so talented! I ended up brining my coffee table with to use as the table because I wanted to create an intimate lounge/dinner setting. I thought a setting low to the ground with a big rug and pillows would really create that look. 

Logan, of The Merchant Collective had the PERFECT pieces to make the space feel bohemian and cozy and created that perfect intimate setting. Logan had the perfect Rug to finish off the backdrop as well. I loved creating the ceremony backdrop, it actually was part of my own weddings decor so it was fun to see it get some time in the sun again. I loved tying in the tassels after seeing what Alexis was creating with the name cards. Mandy of the Potted Pansy created some serious stunners for us. That floral installation and bouquet were so beautiful and the colors were so soft and romantic!

I put my heart and soul into this styled shoot and am so proud of it. It takes a lot of work and moving parts coming together but it's always so cool to see the end result!

I also want to say a thank you to my husband for always supporting me, and letting me be creative and do what I need to do when I get an idea in my head! As well as helping me with bringing things to life like the backdrop. A big thank you to Julia Holderness as well, because she gave me more then a few pep talks when I was beyond stressed, and always has such encouraging and real things to say to me. And Last but certainly not least Kylie Liljegren for being such a sweet friend to me since moving to Idaho and willing to literally lend me her wedding dress when things were all a mess. She also connected me to Alyssa + Brandon, so beyond thankful for her. 

Ok enough words, enjoy!"

Yep, we all have those moments where we are just grateful. Grateful for those around us who are willing to support and go along with our ideas. Thank you, especially from me, to Peyton, for trusting me to do this...even when she might have thought I was crazy with the hanging piece! I love how it all came together and am so grateful to have been a part of it all!

Indoor Boho Elopement
The Potted Pansy Indoor Elopement

Soft and Romantic yet Wild and Desert | Kenzie and Tyler

The Potted Pansy Baylee Dennis Bouquet

Light. Golden light. Wispy texture that catches that light. Soft blushes, champagnes, creams and ivories dotted with bits of dry and live florals.

Tulips, dry hydrangea, only the best sahara and quicksand roses (yes, I love their names), blushing bride protea, branches, and my ever favorite desert yearning. And the ever-famous lunaria making an appearance. 

Sage and Utah brush at it's finest. The slightest glimpse of the lake in the background. Warm summer sunsets and quiet moments together. 

Hats and gowns that flow in the wind and let the light shine right through them.

Ribbon that flows on for days.

Simple love. The kind that has been through a bit of a rough patch. The kind that has weathered a few storms. The kind that is deep and strong and not fleeting.

It's kind of what I love. 


How to Select the Perfect Wedding Vendor Team

There are a lot of moving parts involved when planning your dream wedding, especially since the day is about more than just how the celebration looks -- it's about how it feels. After it is all said and done, how do you want to feel when you remember it, when you scroll through your photos or watch your video? 

One of the best ways to look back on your day and feel confident about how the whole event came together is to choose a truly amazing vendor team. Here are some helpful tips to get you on the right track to selecting the perfect vendors for your wedding:


1. Meet with them face-to-face. 

Speaking with each vendor as you shop around is extremely beneficial in several ways. First, it gives you a face to a name, allowing you both to communicate more easily and get a sense of each other's personalities. 

You'll also feel more comfortable asking them questions over the course of the planning process, and you won't show up the day of not knowing what they look like. 

And even if you're planning a destination from afar, many vendors offer ways to virtually meet through programs like FaceTime, Skype, Facebook Messenger or Google Hangouts. You'll be glad you did!


2. Don't be afraid to ask questions. 

Write a list down in advance before speaking with each vendor, and jot down notes as you talk.

And after you meet with each vendor, remember to consider how they make you feel. Are you comfortable speaking with them? Do you jive with them and feel confident in their ability to help make your wedding day unforgettable? 

It's also okay to meet with a few different people who offer the same services to make sure you are ready to work with the one that fits best for the role. No need to feel pressured to choose the first one you talk to, just to choose the right one. 


3. Ask your vendors for referrals. 

Having a hard time finding other vendors after you've already booked a few on your list? Ask those you're working with who they might recommend for the other services!

Some of the best wedding professionals in the industry have made solid connections with other top-notch vendors they work with regularly (or have even started close friendships!). What this means for you is that they will be personally vetted by someone else you already trust. 

It also can help make your day go far smoother, since they will already be able to communicate with one another before the day even begins. 


4. Do your research. 

Take a look at their previous work. Read reviews. Compare package offerings (remember: it's not always the price you should be looking at, but what you get for what you pay). 

Researching your options thoroughly can give you a big head start before you even reach out to a handful of potential vendors.

Try search on more than one platform: Google, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and of course wedding websites like WeddingWire and The Knot. You don't need to overwhelm yourself by searching through them all, but exploring more than one will allow you to broaden your search and have the best chances of finding the perfect vendor team for your wedding. 


Contact a Premier Wedding Florist in Utah

The Potted Pansy is Utah’s premier floral designer, owned and operated by Mandy Ogaz. Every arrangement, bouquet and centerpiece is custom designed to reflect your personality and love for one another. If you’re looking for a floral designer who cares about all the intricate details and is passionate about texture, color, and style, talk to Mandy about your wedding today!


Couple Katie Bowman and Jules
Photography Emma Vidmar Photo
Event Planning & Design: Sage and Thistle
Florals The Potted Pansy
Gown Designer Anne Barge
Gown Shop AltaModa Bridal  
Ring Catbird NYC
Hair Lunatic Fringes
Rentals All Out Event Rental
Catering Marvellous Catering
Groom's Tux Zegna
Lighting Moon Light
Linens Susan's Party Rentals
Bubble and Brown Bakery
Cake by Courtney
City Cakes Bakery & Cafe
Granite Bakery

Ribbon! Why It's All the Rage in the Wedding Industry

Over the last few years, ribbon has become increasingly popular in the wedding industry -- and for good reason! 

Not only is ribbon a beautiful fabric to integrate into your wedding day, it also has a wide range of uses. Here are some of the top reasons why ribbon is trending in our industry today:

2018UtahValleyMagShootfilm (20 of 44).jpg

Ribbon is Elegant, Yet Simple

While other fabrics like lace and burlap have their own purposes, ribbon is the right balance of elegant and simple. It also has a sleek appearance while still being soft to the touch, which makes it a perfect chic addition to wedding dresses and decor. 

And who doesn't love the way ribbons float in the wind? It's simply timeless!

Natural Colors

Another popular reason why ribbon is all the rage today is the use of natural dyes. Ribbons dyed with flowers and other greenery gives it an organic look that can be hard to find in other fabrics. 

This also means the colors will look great with other soft and natural colors in a wedding's aesthetic, such as the dress, floral centerpieces and ceremony installation. 


One of the best perks of using ribbon? It works for a variety of items!

From the base of the bouquets and cake layers, to a sash on a dress and the backs of the guest chairs, ribbons can bring together a wide range of wedding elements into one cohesive look everyone will love. 

My Favorite Go-To Ribbon Options

The majority of my ribbons come from Honey Silks Co., who I also just ordered some velvet ribbon from and can't wait to use! The other two I love are froufrou Chic and Silk and Willow

2018UtahValleyMagShootfilm (42 of 44).jpg

Contact a Premier Wedding Florist in Utah

The Potted Pansy is Utah’s premier floral designer, owned and operated by Mandy Ogaz. Every arrangement, bouquet and centerpiece is custom designed to reflect your personality and love for one another. If you’re looking for a floral designer who cares about all the intricate details and is passionate about texture, color, and style, talk to Mandy about your wedding today!

Floral The Potted Pansy
Photography Tyler Rye
Coordination and Editorial Publishing Utah Valley Bride
Ribbon Honey Silks Co and Frou Frou Chic
Gown Cathy Telle
Model Bri Stauss
HMUA Thomas Times and Chantry Wagstaff

Enlightened Workshop | Earth

Earth. Could anything get closer to what I stand for, love, and talk about? Not really! Earth. It's Mother Nature in all her glory that allows seeds to germinate, flowers to grow, the clouds to cover, the rain to fall, the snow to cover what was and the spring to bring forth what has become. It's Mother Nature who creates splendid sunsets and billowing clouds for us to enjoy. It's Mother Nature who allows spring to turn into summer and summer to turn into fall and fall to turn into winter. And then do it all again. It's Mother Nature who grows imperfectly perfect things all around us.

So a full workshop dedicated to her meant living and dry and rock and earth. It meant wood and green and flower and leaf. It meant hard and durable and soft and delicate. And it meant the perception of life.

Amethyst rock, geode decor, wood flooring and chairs, hanging greens, and the delicate balance of what was once alive. That is what Earth became. 

The Potted Pansy Utah Geode Wedding
The Potted Pansy Geode Wedding
The Potted Pansy Geode Tablescape
The Potted Pansy Geode Bouquet

Which Bridal Bouquet Size is Right for Me?

There are several key factors involved when planning your wedding florals, including colors, style, types of flowers/greenery and more. 

And when it comes to your bridal bouquet, you'll want something that has the perfect balance of being eye-catching while still fitting in with the rest of your wedding day aesthetic. 

If you're trying to figure out which size is best for your wedding bouquet, here are some questions to consider: 

As Ever Photography Small Bouquet

1. What size bridal bouquets are there?

First things first: know your bouquet sizes. Wedding bouquets can range from a smaller size of 6"-7" up to 11"-12" wide, as well as a length up to 18"-20"! 

It's also important to remember that (on average) your wedding bouquet should be larger than those of your bridal party. After all, this is your day! You should be the center of attention in every way. 

2. What styles am I most drawn to at heart? 

Among all the images you've sorted through on Pinterest of bridal bouquets, which ones give you the butterflies? Chances are, your gut is leaning more towards one way or another. 

3. Which flowers or colors are we using in the other floral decor? 

Sometimes, having bouquet flowers that match the rest of your wedding day's design can really bring the whole look together in a beautiful and cohesive way! Additionally, the types of flowers and color options may naturally make a bouquet appear larger or smaller.

And even if you want flowers that are different from the centerpieces, backdrops, and other floral installations, talk with your wedding florist about which ones may have a similar appearance or match the overall look you want to go for so that they don't appear too far off course.  

As Ever Photography + The Potted Pansy

4. What is my wedding dress like? 

 According to The Knot, an "easy rule of thumb is the bigger the dress, the bigger the bouquet." Why? Because if you're wearing a large ball gown dress, but ordered a very small bouquet, the flowers can "get lost" among all the fabric. 

The style of your dress should also be considered. If you have a more patterned, lace, or decorative gown, you may want to opt for a bouquet that is simpler than one that is "busy" or oversized. 

When in Doubt: Talk with Your Wedding Florist

If you're unsure about which size is best for your big day, ask a professional! 

The Potted Pansy is Utah’s premier floral designer, owned and operated by Mandy Ogaz. Every arrangement, bouquet and centerpiece is custom designed to reflect your personality and love for one another. If you’re looking for a floral designer who cares about all the intricate details and is passionate about texture, color, and style, talk to Mandy about your wedding today!

As Ever Photography + The Potted Pansy

Florals The Potted Pansy
Photography As Ever Photography
Models Hailey Beth McCarty, SierraSarah Parry
Ribbon Honey Silks Co
Gowns Custom Design, Dyed Gown, BHLDN & Marisola Capes

Saltair Utah Dancer | Utah Florist

Saltair Stunner

Elegance and Grace. Line and Movement. That is what takes place when a beautiful dancer takes hold of a linear bouquet and dances her way around the sandy ground at Saltair. The way Katrina moved with this bouquet was timeless. Her extension of the lines and the way the bouquet became a part of her was magnificent. I was speechless when I saw the first images and still feel that I'm at a lack of words. The beauty speaks for itself and so does this wonderful dancer. 

Saltair Bridal Bouquet
Saltair Salt Lake City Bridal Bouquet

Stephanie + Asay | Utah Boho Bridal Dream

Utah Boho Wedding

To all the boho brides out there, I'm just saying do things your way! If you want boho, do it! If you want wild, do it! If you want non-traditional, who's saying you can't?!

These two are the epitome of boho style. I mean, I have had so many brides come to me saying they want boho, but nothing like this. Nothing THIS boho. Nothing this through and through bohemian. And not because it's a trend. Not because others are doing it. Simply because this is exactly who they are. Stephanie and Asa, thank you for doing things your way, no matter what anyone else had to say about it!

Utah Desert Elopement

Floral The Potted Pansy
Photography Izabel Fyffe
Ribbon Honey Silks Co
Bride Stephanie
Groom Asa

The Importance of Vendor Referrals and Teamwork in the Wedding Industry

While there are many industries out there in which you can succeed by working in silos, the wedding industry typically isn't one of them. 

Whether you're just starting out as a new vendor, or you've been around the block or two and have several clients in your portfolio already, it's important that you know just how important teamwork is to growing a successful wedding business. 

Nicoel Aston + The Potted Pansy team

Expanding Your Community

When you begin to work with others in the wedding industry on a regular basis, your connections will grow. But what does this ultimately mean for you? 

Every wedding or event can be seen as an opportunity -- a chance to grow your personal friendships, your professional connections, and (if done well) your local community. When that happens, you are more likely to be seen as a great team player and someone other vendors want to work with regularly. 

Vendor Referrals

As you begin to build strong relationships with others in the wedding industry, you may find that others will be more likely to refer work to you in the long-run. Some may even decide to spotlight your business on their blog or social media handles, or consider adding you to a preferred vendor list for their clients!

It's also important that you begin to "give" and not always expect to receive referrals. Some great examples could be: 

  • When you receive an inquiry that doesn't quite fit your ideal clientele, but may fit someone else's that you know in the area

  • You're already booked for a day, but you want to help the couple who inquired find another top vendor to work with

  • You have either relocated or receive an inquiry for an area you don't offer services for

In these instances, you may want to provide a handful of other vendors that the couple can reach out to. When you do that, the couples inquiring will most likely see you as a helpful resource and other vendors will be more likely to refer to you when they are in the same scenarios. 

Nicole Aston + The Potted Pansy team

The Wedding Day

Probably one of the best parts about becoming more familiar with others in the wedding industry is that the event itself will be more likely to happen smoothly. 

When multiple vendors know each other well and can work together in ways that streamline the wedding day and keep the couple from getting stressed, everyone wins! And the newlyweds may also spread the word about how great the entire team was, which can further help grow your business over time. 

Entering the Industry

For those of you just starting out, one of the best things you can do to grow your business quickly is to partner with others who share the same values and ideal clients. Even if you aren't entirely sure what your niche is, defining what styles of weddings you love working with can be key to gaining your first few clients simply by connecting with others who work in those arenas. 

Love high-end events with lots of details? Dreaming of clients who are laid back and are drawn to a more boho style? Seek out connections with other wedding vendors who typically work with these types of clients!

The Potted Pansy + Nicole Aston team